LHA, SDA and IT (cat 3)

Process Flowchart

Process Details

  1. There are stored SDA & ICT goods.
  2. These goods need to be unloaded and decontaminated.
  3. The production employee checks whether the SDA & ICT goods need to be decontaminated or if this has already been done.
  4. When the order still needs to be decontaminated, then the production employee unloads the SDA & ICT into the bunker. See I III 14A&B.
  5. The production employee will remove all hazardous waste and unsuitable materials out conform I III 14C.
  6. The production employee sorts out the SDA and ICT.
  7. The production employee drains the oil from the sorted out radiator conform I III 14D.
  8. The result of step 3 & 6 is decontaminated SDA ready to be shredded.
  9. The result of step3 & 6 is decontaminated ICT ready to be shredded. The production employee notes all the produced weights on form F III 14A and form F III 14B.
  10. P III 23 describes the mechanical treatment of the SDA & ICT.
  11. P III 21 describes the dismantling of TVs & monitors.
  12. P III 11 describes the dismantling of fridges.
  13. P IV 11 describes the storage of materials.