Display Units

Process Flowchart

Process Details

  1. The TVs & monitors have been accepted.
  2. The TVs & monitors are in storage waiting to be processed.
  3. The production employee unload the TVs & monitors, according instruction I III 12A and form F III 12A
  4. First the production employee cuts off the cable.
  5. If it is not TVs & monitors equipment the production employee informs the shift leader. He decides to continue or to refuse the load. See P II 11.
  6. When continuing the non TVs & monitors will be stored and processed elsewhere.
  7. The production employee places the TVs & monitors on the conveyor belt.
  8. The production employee removes all materials form the tube according to instruction I III 12B.
  9. If the glass does not need to be separated it goes into the mixed glass container.
  10. When the glass need to be separated, the result are ready to be split CRTs.
  11. Another result is ready to be shredded plastic.
  12. The tubes and plastic will be mechanical treated according P III 22.
  13. All the sorted out materials result in fraction to be stored &shipped according to P IV 11.